Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Japanese Toilet Training for Kids

Do you want to know how the Japaneses train their children for the potty, see this video, it is a Japanese cartoon to teach children how to use the toilet. Nothing can surprise me here in Japan!!


Fadoua said...

hahaha!! Funny!! Seriously, are those kind of video and those colorful tools efficient?

I am not a mother, however the video was useful for me!! I learnt new vocabulary! hahaha!!! I think that ISC's teachers have never taught us and will never teach us these words... hahaha!!

Hafida said...

Hi Fadoua
Glad that you found it funny :)
Me too, I learned some new vocabulary, LOL!!!, never taught by the ISC teachers.
I saw that you have 2 blogs, can I add them to this blog?